Welcome to RP Drama IG, We are an interest group created to inspire the theatrical side of people and dedicated to reproducing monumental scripts and portraying them onto a stage.

RP Drama History Edit

Drama IG has been one of the most famous and popular in Republic Polytechnic. It has been a successfully functional Interest Group for 9 years. Founded by Lee Kwan Yez on the 30th of January 2006 with the intention of bringing together a group of Republic Polytechnic students who were passionate about the performing arts but had nowhere to express it.

It has since then, been a successful running IG achieving many accomplishments and attending many drama conventions, as well as one major film convention in London in 2010.


  •  In 2007, the group performed “Reality Crashes” , an originally written by student from RP, Shaun Tan Hong Peng  at the Republic Cultural Central Theatre.

  • The drama students also has tackled more challenging plays for example. “Lanterns Never go out” in 2010 and “Off Centre” in 2011 in the annual Reflections Arts Festival.

  •  Republic Poly’s Drama club was chosen out of all other schools to represent Singapore in the World’s Leading International Drama Convention in London in 2010.

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